10 Bathroom Shelves Cubbies Designs

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Bathroom shelves is used as a place to put bathroom stuff. You can put the bathroom stuff such as towel, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, brush, and so on. Then, you can manage your bathroom shelves with the shape of cubbies. There are some design of bathroom shelves cubbies below, check them out :

1. Bathroom design with cubbies wall shelves

                                                                source : stagetecture.com

2. Bathroom design with rattan cubbies floating shelves

                                                                                                          source : www.babble.com

3. Bathroom design with hidden cubbies wall shelves

                                                              source : glamshelf.com

4. Bathroom design with sliding cubbies shelves

                                                              source : ijustlovetinyhouses.blogspot.com

5. Bathroom design with cubbies cabinet shelves

                                                                                source : www.danaz-home-decor-ideas.xyz

6. Bathroom design with blue wooden cubbies shelves

                                                              source : porch.com

7. Bathroom design with wooden cubbies floating shelves

                                                              source : cleverwoodprojects.tumblr.com

8. Bathroom design with cubbies wall shelves with glass buffer

                                                                                                                source : girlmeetshome.blogspot.com

9. Bathroom design with cubbies cabinet under wastafel

                                                                  source : www.theidearoom.net/

10. Bathroom design with floating wooden cubbies shelves

                                                              source : luxesource.com

The last, after seeing some inspiration images of bathroom shelves cubbies above, we hope that you want to apply the designs. Then, you will design your bathroom shelves by using some references on the image above. Happy trying!



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