10 Cute Designs of Wall Clock for Kids

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As we know that, wall clock is used as time reminder. In addition, wall clock can be used as the accessories of your home. For example by applying an unusual shape of wall clock. In this post, we want to share about a cute design of wall clock for kids. This wall clock can be put in your kids bedroom or other places. There are some cute images below about wall clock for kids. Check them out :

1. Wall Clock with big wheels and crab character

                                                                         source : poshinate.com

2. Batman character wall clock

                                                          source : www.etsy.com

3. Wall Clock with pink owl character

                                                              source : www.etsy.com

4. Monkey character wall clock

                                                                                       source : www.toysrus.com

5. Wall clock with mermaid and octopus character

                                                                     source : www.shoptiques.com

6. Elephant wall clock character

                                                              source : www.etsy.com

7. Sheep wall clock character

                                                                                                source : poshinate.com

8. House wall clock

                                                                              source : space4kids.cz

9. Tiger character wall clock

                                                                                                                  source : jazams.com

10. Spongebob wall clock

                                                                         source : www.simplypersonalized.com

Thus, after seeing some inspiration images of wall clock for kids above, we hope that you like the designs. Then, you will design your wall clock by using some references on the image above. Making your room more interesting by applying a cute design of wall clock.



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