10 Fabulous Wardrobe Designs

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In this post, we want to share some references of wardrobe designs. You can choose one of the designs as your wardrobe design in your home. Moreover, you can make your wardrobe more tidy by organizing it in a storage. There are some inspiration images below, check them out :

1.Wardrobe design with white wooden hanger of clothes

                                                              source : apartmenttherapy.com

2. Wardrobe design with brown wooden shelves

                                                           source : cutypaste.com

3. Wardrobe design with black drawer of clothes

                                                              source : www.ikea.com

4. Wardrobe design with glass door cover

                                                              source : www.archiproducts.com

5. Wardrobe design with black wooden holder of clothes

                                                                        source : theultralinx.com

6. Wardrobe design with small space

                                                              source : vitainterface.com

7. Wardrobe design with pants hanger

                                                                           source : www.diyncrafts.com

8. Wardrobe design with metal hanger of clothes

                                                                                                        source : apersonalorganizer.com

9. Wardrobe design with fold clothes shelves

                                                                          source : www.stylist.co.uk

10. Wardrobe design with tree branch hanger of clothes

                                                              source : www.made-in-meubles.com

Then, you can apply one or some of those wardrobe designs. Those images can be your reference to decorate your wardrobe. You can imitate the design or you can make your own. Happy trying!

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