10 Fascinating Ceramic Floor Designs

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Are you looking for fascinating floor design for your home?

Yes, you click the right website and article. Making some modifications to your floor to make it eye-catching. The design of the floor is not only for decorating but also for scenery in your home. So, you do not get bored with the design of the floor.

Check out the 10 fascinating floor designs which can inspirate you to make your own amazing floor decoration.

1. Mexican style ceramic floor

                                 source : onedecor.net

On the image above, you can see a Mexican style ceramic floor which there are many colours in the ceramics. There are some neatly patterns in one space. By using different patterns but in a neat way, it can make the floor becomes interesting. You can try this design of the floor and use white wall background around the floor. Thus, the floor can be the center of the space or room.

2. Antique ceramic floor

                                 source : theantiquefloorcompany.com

An antique ceramic floor with classic pattern and some colours. There are some combination of colours, such as red, blue, yellow, cream, white, black, dark green, and so on. The antique ceramic floor as on the image above can be applied in a living room. If you like a classic decoration, you can use this antique ceramic floor.

3. Abstract triangle pattern ceramic floor

                                          source : amazon.com

An abstract triangle pattern ceramic floor with light blue wooden chair and light brown wooden table. The abstract triangle pattern can be combined by some colours, such as light blue, black, and white. As on the image above, the abstract triangle pattern can be applied in a restaurant. Moreover, you can applied this pattern on other rooms in your house.

4. Chevron pattern ceramic floor

                            source : www.stonesource.com

A chevron pattern ceramic floor with red metal chair and dark brown wooden bookshelves. The image above is the example of the chevron pattern ceramic floor which is applied in a reading room. There are some combination colours on the chevron pattern, such as black, light grey, and dark grey. Then, you can add light brown wooden chair above the floor.

5. Triangle pattern ceramic floor

                                                 source : dub130.mail.live.com

A beautiful triangle pattern which is applied on white ceramic floor colour. By using different size of each triangle in the ceramic, it can make it more interesting. There are some colours of triangle, such as grey, cream, orange, black, yellow, dark green, and etc. You can also add light brown wooden table as the place of some books.

6. Pentagon ceramic floor

                                                 source : ragno.it

A simple pentagon ceramic floor which is combined with brown wooden floor. You can organize the pentagon pattern as on the image above. You can combine some colours for pentagon pattern, such as black, white, and light grey. Then, there is a black wooden chair as a complement.

7. Chessboard ceramic floor

                                         source : 3.bp.blogspot.com

Black and white chessboard ceramic floor which is organized by sloping shape. The design of the image above can be applied in a restaurant. You can add dark brown wooden chair and table. On the other sides, you can combine the chessboard ceramic floor with dark brown wooden floor.

 8. Tribal pattern ceramic floor

                                           source : designergolv.se

Black and white tribal pattern ceramic floor can be applied with white wall background as on the image above. There are seven different patterns of tribal ceramic floor. There is a light brown rattan table as a complement of the room. Then, there is a teddy bear doll above the rattan table.

9. Mosaic ceramic floor

                                    source :www.guidinghome.com

Mosaic ceramic floor as on the image above can be created with many small square ceramics. The small square ceramics can be organized as the pattern above. There are some colours, such as pink, purle, red, brown, yellow, blue, tosca, green, orange, and so on.

10. Batik ceramic floor

                                 source : freshome.com

You can use black and white combination of your ceramic floor. For the pattern of the ceramic floor, you can apply batik pattern as on the image above. By applying some kinds of batik pattern, it do not make the ceramic floor monotone. The batik pattern ceramic floor seems very elegant and awesome.

The last but not least, there are 10 fascinating floor designs that you can imitate to your floor design. Let’s make your own floor design!




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