12 Funny Wall Shelf for Kids

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Do you have kids in your home? You can design your kids bedroom to be more beautiful by applying funny wall shelf. The wall shelf can be shaped by your kids favourite character. In this ocassion, we want to share some images which can be your reference to design the wall shelf for your kids bedroom. Here they are :

1. Wall shelf with bear shape

                                                             source : www.mommodesign.com

2. Black and white panda wall shelf

                                                              source : www.mommodesign.com

3. Moon and star wall shelf

                                                              source : coolhome-decorationsideas.xyz

4. Black train shelf

                                   source : www.mommodesign.com

5. White cloud shelf

                                                                                                      source : applesandbeavers.com

6. White tree shelf

                                                                    source : etsy.com

7. Mountain wall shelf

                                                             source : etsy.me

8. Blue whales wall shelf

                                                              source : www.landofnod.com

9. Mickey Mouse wall shelf

                                                              source : amzn.to

10. Black Batman wall shelf

                                                              source : etsy.com

11. Face shape wall shelf

                                                               source : cogumelolouco.com

12. Wooden circle wall shelf

                                                               source : houzz.com

Thus, you can apply one or some of those designs of wall shelf for kids. You can imitate the design or you can make your own. Making your room different than before by decorating it!

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