10 Gorgeous Bathroom Mat Designs

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There are some images which can inspire you to decorate a mat for your bathroom. The mat is not only used to drain your foot, but also as the accessories in your bathroom. So, you have to pick not the usual mat, but unusual mat for your bathroom. It can make your bathroom more beautiful. Here, some of gorgeous bathroom mat designs. Check them out below :

1. Bathroom Design with colorful Persian mat

                                source : mydomaine.com

2. Bathroom Design with fabric webbing mat

                                                                          source : buzzfeed.com

3. Bathroom design with brown square wooden mat

                                                  source : houzz.com

4. Bathroom design with yellow pineapple mat

                                 source : www.simons.ca

5. Bathroom design with purple plaid mat

                                               source : top10designsideas.com

6. Bathroom design with classic motif mat

                                 source : madebymood.com

7. Bathroom design with Mickey and Minnie Mouse head mat

                                                     source : ebay.com

8. Bathroom design with cupcake shape mat

                                                     source : www.collectionsetc.com

9. Bathroom design with pirate motif mat

                                 source : feelitcool.com

10. Bathroom design with Kawung batik motif mat

                                 source : apartmenttherapy.com

The last, you can decorate your bathroom by using gorgeous bathroom mat designs as your own idea or you can imitate some of images above. Moreover, the bathroom mat can make your bathroom does not seem monoton. So, design your bathroom mat to make your bathroom more fabulous.

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