10 Gorgeous Mirror Shape on Your Wall

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Mirror is one of important furnitures in house. Then, for making the mirror more interesting is by applying different kinds of mirror in your home. So, it does not seem monoton by using usual mirror shape. The mirror can also be the accessories of your roon. In this post, we want to share some images of mirror shape. Check them out below :

1. Hexagon mirror on the wall

                                                             source : blog.westelm.com

2. Cat mirror frame

                                                                                      source : www.mommodesign.com

3. Bunny mirror shape on the wall

                                                              source : www.mommodesign.com

4. Upside down square mirror

                                                                    source : blog.westelm.com


5. Elephant mirror shape

                                                              source : mirrormaniac.co.uk

6. Ruffle mirror on the wall

                                                               source : instagram.com

7. Glasses mirror shape

                                                                                                      source : materialicious.com

8. Clouds mirror shape

                                                             source : www.thehunt.com

9. Double heart mirror shape

                                                              source : www.countrydoor.com

10. Shell mirror shape

                                                                                                                 source : decolish.com

Thus, you can apply one or some of those designs of mirror shape ideas. You can imitate the design or you can make your own. Making your room different than before by decorating it!

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