10 Hanging Storage Ideas You Must Try

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There are many kinds of storage you can have such as in the cabinet, cupboard, shelves, and so on. However, in this post we want to discuss about other kinds of storage, that is hanging storage which more practice to use. Moreover, the hanging storage can be the accessories on your wall. We want to share some images of hanging storage ideas below.

1. Hanging storage with black and white stripe fabric

                                                                                        source : agirlandagluegun.com

2. Hanging storage with black wooden shelves and rope

                                                                 source : www.tableandhearth.com

3. Hanging storage with colorful pattern fabric

                                                              source : www.patternpile.com


4. Hanging storage with gunny sack

                                                              source : likeabobo.fr

5. Hanging storage with white wooden base and black iron string

                                                              source : www.woohome.com

6. Hanging storage with wire basket

                                                              source : www.dotandbo.com

7. Hanging storage with floating glass jar

                                                                                      source : apartmentgeeks.net

8. Hanging storage with brown rattan basket

                                                              source : the11best.stfi.re

9. Hanging storage with dark green bucket

                                                                                            source : industrystandarddesign.com

10. Hanging storage with webbing shelves

                                                                                      source : www.lushome.com


Thus, after seeing some designs of hanging storage above, you can begin to make your hanging storage. In addition, the hanging storage can maximize your space in your home. Let’s using one design of the hanging storage above. Happy trying!

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