10 Ideas of Cartoon Faucet

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Applying funny shape or character faucet in your bathroom can make a cheerful or happy ambience. For example you can apply a cartoon faucet in your bathroom. Then, combaining the colorful faucet with the theme of your bathroom. There are some images below which can be your reference :

1. Sweet Hello Kitty faucet

                                                              source : deals.kancyl.com

2. Pink dolphin faucet

                                                                       source : hespirides.com

3. Elephant faucet

                                                                   source : hespirides.com

4. Yellow duck faucet

                                                 source : hespirides.com

5. Blue crab faucet

                                                              source : www.alibaba.com

6. Silver Mickey Mouse faucet

                                                                                                               source : bathroomsdesigns.org

7. Green frog faucet

                                                                                   source : bullseyediscounts.com

8. Black dolphin faucet

                                                                                 source : hzulily.hardpin.com

9. Green plastic frog faucet

                                                                                                                     source : amazon.com

10. Silver atomic faucet

                                                                                      source : www.bloglovin.com

Then, you can apply one or some of those cartoon faucet designs. Those images can be your reference to decorate your bathroom. You can imitate the design or you can make your own. Making your bathroom more interesting than before!

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