10 Marvelous and Creative Backyard Concepts

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Most of people has their backyard in their home. However, wouldn’t you want to have a creative backyard in your home? It is not just an usual backyard but a marvelous backyard where you can spend your leisure time here. Moreover, you can design your own backyard where you can gather with your family or friend.

Here are some ideas about the concept of the backyard that you can use to create a dream backyard according to your desire. There are 10 marvelous and creative backyard concepts, they are :

1. Backyard for playground

Creative backyard with wooden brown small house and green grass.                                               source: http://cubbyhouse.net/

For all of you who have some children in your home, you can use your backyard as their playground. A creative backyard concept with wooden brown small house and fresh green grass. Moreover, you can add some accessories in the small house, such as slide, small tire, stairs, net, and so on. In addition, you can put a basket ring for children to play a basket ball with their family or friends. Then, there is a small square sand pool for the children to play. In addition, the small wooden house is surrounded by freshly green grass.

2. Backyard with swing sets

creative backyard with swing sets and brown sand pool.                                 source : http://www.tristatedeliveryandassembly.com

Another inspiration images for your backyard is backyard with swing sets. An awesome backyard concept with yellow swing sets and dark green slide. There are two types of swing, they are a swing set for adult or teenage and swing set for toddler. The swing for adult is yellow swing seat and white iron string. Moreover, the swing for toddler is green swing seat which has handles safety. Then, the backyard can be given by small brown wooden house and dark green slide which long enough. There is a brown sand pool for children to play. In addition, there is light green grass in the backyard to make the atmosphere more exciting.

3. Backyard with fence idea

elegant backyard with wooden stripe fence and rattan hanging chair                                source : http://onedecor.net

Creative backyard concept with brown wooden stripe fence and rattan hanging chair can be your inspiration to organize your backyard. The creative fence can use bamboo wood which is organized in vertical. Then, there are two rattan hanging chairs and small water pond under it. Moreover, there are some palm trees around the hanging chairs to make leafy and cozy place for gathering with other people.

4. Backyard of lighting idea

marvelous backyard with glass jar lighting and some chairs.                                source : http://www.boredart.com

A creative backyard with glass jar lighting and white wooden chairs. You can use some unused glass jars in your home to decorate your backyard. Hanging the glass jar with some small light bulbs in the string. When you turn on the light bulb in the night, the light may be reflected by the glass jar. Moreover, there is a place to gather with your family or friends by putting some white wooden chairs and table.

5. Backyard of small pool idea

marvelous backyard with pool idea and green leaves above.                                 source : http://i.pinimg.com

Another concepts for yor backyard is small pool idea. A marvelous backyard with small square pool idea and green leaves above. You can use the small pool to soak in your leisure time. Moreover, above the small pool there is green leaves hangs on the roof toop. Then, there is a lengthwise seat beside the small pool to relax.
6. Backyard with wooden deck
marvelous backyard with wooden deck and small black stone.                                            source : http://www.kbhome.com
A marvelous backyard with dark brown wooden deck and small black stones around it. The wooden deck is shaped of lengthwise path. Then, it is surrouded by small black stones to make the backyard more elegant. For making a comfortable ambience, you can put green grass and leaves around it. Moreover, there are some black wooden pots which are filled by a plant.
7. Backyard with green balcony garden
marvelous backyard with balcony garden and wooden floor.                                    source : http://artsandclassy.com
The inspiration image of backyard above can be used for you who like to apply balcony concept. A marvelous backyard with green balcony garden and brown wooden floor. You can add plants on the wall as the garden. Then, put some pillows to relax yourself in the balcony. There is light brown wooden floor which can make the place become cozy.
8. Backyard for party
Creative backyard with barbeque party arrangement and some colorful chairs.                                source : http://www.redbookmag.com
You can use your backyard for party, for example barbeque party. The image above can inspirate you to arrange your party in the backyard. A creative backyard with party arrangement and some colorful chairs. You can arrange the place to eat by setting the table and colorful chairs to make an exciting ambience. Then, there are much foods and drinks in the party.
9. Backyard with colorful tin pots and flowers
a creative backyard with colorful bucket pots and colorful flowers.                                           source : http://princesspinkygirl.com
A creative backyard with colorful tin pots and flowers. You can set your backyard as the image above by firstly making a wooden board as the place of tin pot. Then, you can hang the tin pots on the wooden board and make it colorful by painting the tin pots. There are many colours of the tin pots, such as pink, blue, white, yellow, green, red and purple. In addition, put some colorful flowers in the tin pots.
10. Backyard with flower garden
A marvelous backyard with flowers garden and green plant.                                    source : http://greatlandscaping.us/
A marvelous backyard with flowers garden and green plants. You can use some kinds and colours of flowers. By adding the colorful of flowers and green background of the plants, it can make your backyard become awesome and interesting. You can arrange the backyard by arranging flowers garden place in the edge of the yard.
The last but not least, those are 10 marvelous and creative backyard concepts. Enjoy it!

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