10 Unusual and Pretty Rug Ideas

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One of accessories which you can apply to decorate yor home is rug. Not only as the accessories in your home, but also as the base of seating on the floor. Here some kinds of colourful and simple rugs which can inspire you to decorate your own rug.

However, you have to choose the kind of rugs and other accessories which have a beautiful combination in one room. It is in order to tie each accessories together in one space. In this article, you can look some images which have the combination of the rug and other accessories in one room. Check out them :

1.Ethnic motif rug

                                           source : theglitterguide.com

A colorful ethnic rug with dark brown wooden floor and small white chair. You can choose the combination of the colorful rug with white wall background, light brown wooden table, dark brown wooden floor, rattan carpet, white chair, blue pillow, and the picture of sky on the wall. Those accessories can make a gorgeous room.

2. Colorful rag rug

                                source : etsy.com

Do you have some rags in your home? You can use some rags in your home to decorate your rug. The colorful of rags can be the tassel of the rug. Moreover, colorful circle pattern in the center of the rug seems beautiful with each combination colour. You can put this rug on dark brown wooden floor.

3. Rainbow rug

                                source : conceptrends.com

On the image above, there is a ranbow rug which is placed in the balcony. It looks beautiful by combining the rug with some accessories such as metal chair, floral pillow, metal table, a pot of plant, and wall lamp in one space. You can also use simple colour background around the balcony. You can use light brown wooden door and floor.

4. Bohemian rug

                                source : canvas.saatchiart.com

Another kinds of rug, you can choose Bohemian rug as your choice to decorate your room. An awesome Bohemian rug with light brown rattan chair and white wall background. Moreover, by adding a simple accessories such as dark brown wooden table and some plants in a pots, it can make the Bohemian rug as the center of the room. Then, there are some hanging plants in a pots which can emerge a freshly atmosphere.

5. Persian rug

                                source : emilyaclark.com

A pretty Persian rug with grey velvet sofa and white wooden table. You can apply the Persian rug in your living room as on the image above. Adding some pillows with different motif can make you more comfortable in that room. For a complement, you can add a beautiful pink flower in a glass jar.

5. Turkish rug

                                        source : flyingcarpets.eu

A beautiful Turkish rug with the dominant colour of blue and white tassel on the edge of the rug. This is a rectangular shape of the rug which can be applied in the living room. There are other colours combination on the rug such as yellow, orange, and white. In addition, by using the Turkish rug above can beautify your room.

6. White fur rug

                                 source : 2ladiesandachair.com

This is one example of simple rug but it is very comfortable to be used. It is because of the rug is made by soft fur. Then, you can put the white fur rag in the dark brown wooden floor. You can add grey sofa and some pillows. Moreover, there is a table cloth and pillow with soft fur. It can make the same rhythm with the fur rug.

7. Floral rug

                     source :www.therugseller.co.uk

Another kinds of rug is floral rug. A colourful floral rug with white ceramic floor and white sof sofa. The floral rug becomes the center of the room because other accessories in the room use simple colour. In the white soft sofa, you can add some colours on the pillow as pink and blue. The divider in the room uses a glass, so it makes the room wider than we see.

8. Matting rug

                                                              source : www.garnstudio.com/

A colorful circle matting rug can be one of your choices to decorate your room. It looks as chic rug by combining some colours such as blue, white, purple, pink, and yellow on the circle patterns. You can apply the matting rug in your living room, family room, bedroom, and so on.

9. Classic rug

                                 source : howtodecorate.com

An awesome classic rug with black wooden floor and white wall background. The pattern of the rug can convey that the rug is classic. You can add bookshelves beside the rug. Moreover, there is a natural light from white wooden frame window.

10. Rattan rug

                                         source: www.decorpad.com

Another unusual ideas for your rug design is by using rattan rug. The oval shape of rattan rug is combined by cream and blue colours. The rattan rug is put on white wooden floor. Then, there is light brown wooden hanging chairs with the shape of bird cage above the rattan rug to spend your leisure time.

So, there are 10 unusual rug ideas which you can imitate to decorate your own rug.


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