10 Vintage Bedroom Designs with Floral Items

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For all of woman who likes floral items, you click the right article. You can combine vintage bedroom design with floral items. Moreover, floral items can add feminine atmosphere to your bedroom. You will feel more enjoy and comfortable in your bedroom. Here some images of vintage bedroom with floral items, check them out below :

1. Vintage bedroom with colorful floral wallpaper

                                                                                  source : startathomedecor.com

2. Vintage bedroom with pink floral table lamp

                                                              source : www.hearthandmade.co.uk

3. Vintage bedroom with pastel floral bedsheet

                                                                                      source : pineconehill.com

4. Vintage bedroom with floral accessories in frame

                                                              source : simplydesigning.porch.com

5. Vintage bedroom with red floral pattern of pillow

                                                                source : housetohome.co.uk

6. Vintage bedroom with white and pink floral pattern of bedsheet

                                                              source : www.target.com

7. Vintage bedroom with floral pattern of small chair

                                                                              source : industrystandarddesign.com

8. Vintage bedroom with floral pattern of cabinet

                                                                  source : eBay.co.uk

9. Vintage bedroom with colorful floral curtain

                                                                      source : au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

10. Vintage bedroom with floral motif of carpet

                                                                           source : flickr.com

So, you can use the reference images above to design your vintage bedroom by applying floral items. You can make your bedroom more interesting by using that items. Happy decorating!

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