11 Fabulous Wallpaper Designs which can Inspire You

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Do you have a usual wall with one colour? or Do you apply wallpaper in your home?

In most homes, people usually use one colour or some colours in their home without some patterns. However, if you use wallpaper with beautiful pattern, it can make your home more eye-cathcing. You can be more comfortable and do not feel boring.

Moreover, for making an interesting wall, you can use wallpaper to cover your wall in home. There are many wallpaper images below which can inspire you to decorate your wall. Here are 11 wallpaper design references :

1. Doodle art wallpaper

                                        source : enpundit.com

Doodle art is a pretty drawings and it can bring little happiness. You can make your own doodle art by adding some colours on that. On the other sides of the wall which are not covered by doodle art wallpaper, you can use white colour of the wall. Thus, doodle art wallpaper becomes one first attention.

2. Chevron pattern wallpaper

                                         source : etsy.com

A beautiful chevron pattern wallpaper with green tosca colour and light brown wooden floor. There is a big red box to save your book collections. Then, there is some accessories on the image, such as colorful rattan basket and colorful owl doll. Moreover, you can add light brown wooden chair to sit while you reading a book.

3. Triangle pattern wallpaper

                                                     source : facilisimo.com

A simple triangle pattern wallpaper with sun mirror shape and dark brown wooden floor. You can apply triangle pattern with some colours. You can combine the colours as on the image above by using yellow, grey, dark blue, and white. Then, you can use white colour on other sides of the wall to stress the triangle pattern. There is also white wooden bassinet and yellow fabric of knitwork on the room.

4. Navy blue flower pattern wallpaper

                                   source : instagram.com

Navy blue flower pattern wallpaper which is very beautiful in the room. There is white wooden seat and two square blue navy pillows. Then, you can add two golden wall lamps above the seating. You can also use light brown wooden material for the floor. In addition, there is small window which can give the natural light in that room.

5. Contemporary geometrics pattern wallpaper

                                        source : www.ebay.co.uk

A colorful contemporary geometrics pattern wallpaper with white soft sofa and light brown wooden table. There is a pile of white books on the floor. Then, you can use light brown wooden material for the floor. There is also a bottle of drink and small glass when you want to spend your leisure time in that room.

6. 3D flower wallpaper

                                 source : blog.craftzine.com

A chic 3D flower wallpaper with some colours and kinds of flowers. It seems real as there are some real flowers on the wall. You can add white lamp which hangs on the roof. There is a white table and black chair as the place to have chitchat with others.

7. Polkadot wallpaper

                                                    source : www.etsy.com

Black and white polkadot wallpaper can decorate your rome, for example living room, family room, bedroom, and so on. On the image above, other sides of the wall which not cover by polkadot wallpaper use white colour. It is to make the polkadot wallpaper as the first attention. Then, you can add mattress on the floor to sit. You can also use light brown wooden material as the floor.

8. Safari kids map wallpaper


                                 source : www.muralswallpaper.co.uk

A creative safari kids map wallpaper with some animal pictures and dark brown wooden floor. Kids can also study about some kinds of animals in all over the world by using that safari map wallpaper. As on the image above, safari kids map wallpaper can be applied in the kids playground.

9. Vintage wallpaper

                                                     source : fleaingfrance.tumblr.com

For all of you who like vintage theme, you can use the vintage wallpaper in your room as on the image above. An elegant vintage wallpaper with blue flower pattern and light blue wooden chair. You can stress the vintage theme in your room by using some accessories, such as a cup and teapot with vintage motif.

10. Tribal wallpaper

                                        source : apartmenttherapy.com

Black and white tribal wallpaper can be used as one of your choices to decorate your room in home. You can add some accessories in the room with some colours of the stuffs. For example, some colorful pillows, small colorful blanket, white floor lamp with purple flower motif, and light brown wooden seat with white pillow base.

11. 3D grass wallpaper

                                        source : indiehomecollective.stfi.re

A creative 3D green grass wallpaper can be used in the outdoor. By using white background, the 3D green grass wallpaper can be the center of the wall. The 3D green grass wallpaper can be organized by sloping square patterns as on the image above.

Thus, 11 wallpaper designs which can inspire you to decorate your wall in home. Let’s make it on your wall!


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