12 Amazingly Creative Bookshelves You Have to Know

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One of the ways to arrange many books in your room is by applying bookshelves. Using bookshelves to your book collections can make it more neatly. Moreover, if you just have a little space in your house for the place of your book collections. The bookshelves can be the solution of that.

Check out the 12 amazingly creative bookshelves which can inspirate you to make your own bookshelves. There are some inspirations to arrange your bookshelves in some images below.

1. Rainbow bookshelves

amazing bookshelves with rainbow colour book and white wooden rack                                 source : http://www.popsugar.com

An amazing bookshelves with rainbow colour books and white wooden racks. This is unsual way to organize your bookshelves to be a fascinating attention in your home. Arranging many colours of rainbow and other colours by using the cover of the book. There are many colours, such as red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, and so on. Moreover, there are some lighting bulbs in the string above the bookshelves to beautify the room.

2. Bookshelves in the living room

creative bookshelves in the living room                                source : http://www.thriftydecorchick.com

You can put your bookshelves in the living room by using the inspiration image above. A creative bookshelves with white wooden racks and black soft sofa. In the white wooden racks, you can put your books and other stuffs. There are also some accessories in the bookshelves. While you sitting in the living room, you can also read your book collections.

3. Bookshelves for kids

                                source : http://www.thespruce.com

An amazing bookshelves for kids with white wooden racks and colorful kid books. You can apply small bookshelves for kids by using white wooden four racks on the wall. The colorful kid books in the flat background (cream wall) can make the kid books as the first attention. Then, you can add a table and chair for kids to read their books.

4. Zigzag bookshelves

                                  source : https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

A creative bookshelves with zigzag shape and colorful wooden racks. On the white wall background, you can apply some colours for the wooden racks such as green, purple, orange, and blue. Then, you can put your book collections on the colorful zigzag bookshelves. Adding some toys as on the image above can make the bookshelves more interesting.

5. Tree branch bookshelves

                                                                             source : http://www.etsy.com

A creative tree branch bookshelves with brown wooden racks and grey wall background. The inspiration image of amzingly bookshelves above can be one of your bookshelves design at your home. Then, you can add light brown sofa as the place of reading your book collections. Moreover, there is green plant in the room to make you relax when reading a book.

6. Flower bookshelves

                                    source : http://trilitebuilders.com

A creative flower bookshelves on the wall with white wooden racks and dark brown background. You can apply this inspiration image on your living room. The flower bookshelves can also be your display in the living room. There is sofa and chair as a complement in the room. Then, you can read some books in the living room by using lighting hanging lamp.

7. Puzzle bookshelves

                                        source : http://meubles-carton.com

An amazingly puzzle bookshelves with grey plastic and light brown floor. The puzzle bookshelves can make your room become more interesting. In addition, you can put some accessories on the bookshelves. You can add dark grey fur mat on the floor to be the place to read your book collection such as novel, comic, material book, and etc.

8. Cup bookshelves

                                                        source : http://media-assets.bookbub.com

An amazingly cup bookshelves with white wooden racks and colorful background on each rack. There four racks with the shape of cup. The colour of background are red, blue, yellow, and green. You can put your big and small book collections in this cup bookshelves. In addition, you can put black fur mat as the based of the bookshelves and as the place you sit to read the book.

9. Wall bookshelves

                                           source : http://www.buzzfeed.com

If you have small house with narrow space, this idea of wall bookshelves can be one of your choice. You just can use the empty space in the wall by putting some racks. An amazing wall bookshelves with black wooden racks and grey wooden rooftop. Then, you can use light brown wooden as the floor. Moreover, there is a classic carpet as the complement of the room. In the middle, there is white wooden door which lead to other rooms.

10. Sofa Bookshelves

                                 source : http://tiphero.com

A creative sofa bookshelves with black wooden buffer and dark pink seat base. This is one creative ways to design the bookshelves. By sitting in the sofa bookshelves, you do not have to move too much from your previous position to grab other books. Then, light brown wooden floor can be used to make a comfortable room.

11. Stairs bookshelves

                                 source : http://movingtothefarm.tumblr.com

Another examples of creative bookshelves which can make your home become more neatly. You can use space around the stairs as your bookshelves. This can save your home space when there is just narrow space. A creative stairs bookshelves with brown wooden stairs as the bookshelves and grey brick as the wall.

12. Bookshelves under a staircase

                                                          source : http://californiaapartmentsblog.com

You can use a space under a staircase in your home as an amazing bookshelves. A creative bookshelves under the staircase with white wooden racks and white soft sofa. Moreover, by putting a sofa under the bookshelves, you can read the books easily. Some pillows can make the sofa more comfortable when you read your book collections.

Thus, 12 amazingly creative bookshelves you need to know. Let’s make your bookshelves using those 12 inspiration bookshelves at your home!



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