10 Creative Hidden Shoe Storage Ideas

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For organizing your shoe collections, you can create shoe storage in your home. Moreover, you can make hidden shoe storage. It means that the storage is invisible or it is joined with some furnitures. If the storage is hidden, it can make the room seems tidy. In this post, we want to share some images which can be your reference to make hidden shoe storage. Here are they:

1. Hidden shoe storage with sliding shelves

                                                               source : houzz.com

2. Hidden shoe storage with rotating drawer

                                                  source : eatsleepdecorate.blogspot.com

3. Hidden shoe storage with sliding rack under staircase

                                source : buzzfeed.com

4. Hidden shoe storage with black wooden cabinet

                                 source : Homedit.com

5. Hidden shoe storage with drawer under staircase foothold

                                    source : howdoesshe.com

6. Hidden shoe storage under sofa

                               source : howdoesshe.com

7. Hidden shoe storage under the floor

                                                                  source : woodrow-hardwood-flooring.com

8. Hidden shoe storage under the bench

                                 source : loaalpha.com

9. Hidden shoe storage under circle seat

                                                               source : thezhush.blogspot.com

10. Hidden shoe storage under cabinet

                                                                                   source : digsdigs.com

Thus, you can decorate your hidden shoe storage by using some designs above or as your own idea. You can apply one or some of the designs to your room. Those images above are creative ways to make hidden shoe storage. Happy trying!


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