12 Creative Ideas of Toys Storage for Kids

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Do you have children with many toys in your home? So, your home become messy with many toys scattered everywhere. Surely, you want to have a tidy and beautiful room. Then, your room will have a good ambience.

The solution is that you can make toys storage to make your room tidy. In this post, we want to share some images which can be your reference to make toys storage. Check them out below :

1. Toys Storage with white square wooden shelves

                                                              source : www.futuristarchitecture.com

2. Toys Storage with big wheeled box

                                                               source : woodesigner.net

3. Toys Storage with monster hanging storage

                                                                                                                 source : marthastewart.com

4. Toys Storage with big floating basket

                                                              source : www.futuristarchitecture.com

5. Toys Storage with fabric shelves hanger

                                                                   source : homebnc.com

6. Toys Storage with mesh hanger

                                       source : homebnc.com

7. Toys Storage hanger for cars garage

                                                                           source : trucsetbricolages.com

8. Toys Storage with plastic box

                                                                source : theorganisedhousewife.com.au

9. Toys Storage with mini cube box

                                                              source : etsy.com

10. Toys Storage with big glass jar for crayons

                                                               source : marthastewart.com

11. Toys Storage with cute fabric sack

                                                              source : instagram.com

12. Toys Storage with hanger shelves

                                                                              source : etsy.com

The last, we hope that you like all of the images above. Then, you will design your toys storage by using the image above. Happy decorating!


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