13 Wall Painting Designs for Your Living Room

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Wants to add your wall with some patterns?

You can decorate your wall in your living room by painting it. Painting with some patterns or pictures which you like. If you like the design of your wall, you will feel cozy in it. You can make your own painting to your wall. Moreover, here we give you some inspiration images which you can apply to your living room. Check them out :

1. Living room design with high apartment wall painting

                                 source : photowall.co.uk

2. Living room design with big red flower wall painting

                                source : new.pixersize.com

3. Living room design with geometric wall painting

                                  source : new.pixersize.com

4. Living room design with cute tree forest wall painting

                                            source : www.designsponge.com

5. Living room design with flowers and leaves wall painting

                                 source : www.brit.co

6. Living room design with colorful flowers wall painting

                                source : alisaburke.blogspot.co.id

7. Living room design with cities wall painting

                                         source : decozilla.com

8. Living room design with colorful zebra wall painting

                                           source : ebay.com

9. Living room design with colorful abstract straight wall painting

                                 source : www.notreloft.com

10. Living room design with white feathers wall painting

                                 source : etsy.com

11. Living room with colorful triangle pattern wall painting

                                     source : www.decorpad.com

12. Living room with spotted leopard wall painting

                                 source : homedeco.nl

13. Living room with Pac Man games wall painting

                                                                  source : theawesomer.com

Thus, after seeing some inspiration images of wall painting, we hope that you love it. Then, you will design your wall as on the image above. You can apply one of them or you can change your wall painting design everytime by using different design. Happy decorating!

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