Huge peg board organizer with white wooden board and red wooden shelves.

15 Awesome Pegboard Organizer Ideas

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Do you know a pegboard? Do you familiar with a pegboard?

Some people do not familiar with the pegboard, but it is actually can make your tool or equipment look stunning in your room.

What is a pegboard?
Pegboard is a hard board which can be made from wood or metal and it is equipped with many holes (small sized and arranged regularly in the form of a grid). Peg board is often used to put tools and other equipment.

Below is one example of a creative pegboard.

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Check out the 15 awesome pegboard organizer ideas which can inspirate you to make your own awesome peg board organizer.

  1. Pegboard with metal bucket storage


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Huge pegboard organizer with white wooden background and some metal buckets storage. You can use some unused buckets in yor home and make it into something amazing. The metal bucket can be filled by some stuffs such as scissor, pencil, pen, and etc. In addition, you can use glass jar and some metal shelves as the place of your other stuffs.

       2. Pegboard for sewing tools


To make your sewing tools become more organized, you can use the inspiration of pegboard above. Huge pegboard organizer with white wooden board and sewing tools. You can put your sewing tools such as scissor, thread, fabrics pencil, sewing meter, and so on in the interesting peg board. Using white colour of the background can make the sewing tools as the first attention in your room.

      3. Pegboard for kitchen tools

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Making your kitchen tools place awesome with inspiration peg board image above. Huge peg board organizer with dark blue metal board and some kitchen tools. You can put some kitchen tools such as pan, knive, grater, cutting board, spoon, and so on. Then, adding a shelves for the place of blender, bowl, and some glass.

            4. Pegboard for workspace

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If you feel your workspace is boring room, you can try the pretty image above to your new workspace. Huge pegboard organizer with abstract flower motif background and some small wooden shelves. The small wooden shelves in the pegboard can be filled by pen, pencil, highlighter, marker, and etc. Moreover you can hung up small watch and some accessories in the peg board. Adding white wooden table for the place of laptop, book, note, and table lamp.

      5. Pegboard for bedroom

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An interesting peg board for your bedroom can be made as the inspiration image above. Huge pegboard organizer with white wooden board and some paper shelves. The pegboard fills with paper, note, pencil, marker, pen, and so on. The image above shows a simple room with white background. Moreover, the simple room fills with the huge pegboard, white wooden table, brown wooden chair, printer racks, and flower accessories on the wall.

         6. Pegboard with black and white theme

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For all of the black and white lovers should try this inspiration peg board in your room. Huge pegboard organizer with white wooden board and black white stuff. Black and white stuffs in the image above can be blent together such as black wall clocks, black pots, black plastic buckets, black metal rack, white picture, white pots, white note, and so on. Moreover, you can add white wooden table and black plastic chair as complement.

    7. Pegboard with second-hand plastic soda bottle

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Huge pegboard organizer with light brown wooden and second-hand plastic soda bottle storage. The second-hand plastic soda bottle storage can be used as the place of snacks and metal stuffs (nail and small screw). There is eye bolt to hang second-hand plastic soda bottle storage on the hook. Then, it adds with access hole to take the snacks and metal stuffs.

      8. Pegboard for workshop tools

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If you are a mechanic, you can use the inspiration pegboard above to put your workshop tools. Huge peg board organizer with dark brown wooden board and workshop tools. You can put the workshop tools such as crowbar, glass, brush, metre, and etc. In addition, there are materials and hardwares on the image above as your guidance to make the wooden peg board for workshop tools.

  9. Pegboard for wardrobe stuffs

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Huge pegboard with white wooden background and cute wardrobe stuff. For some women who have many wardrobe stuffs are reasonable. Then, for making the wardrobe stufss look neatly, you can use huge peg board inspiration above. The huge pegboard with white wooden board can be put by clothes, dress, hat, bracelet, necklace, sling bag, and soon. By using white peg board background and it fills by the colorful wardrobe stuffs, it can make the room more amazing.

 10. Pegboard for accessories space

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Huge pegboard organizer with white wooden board and accessories space. For all of you who have a lot of accessories and there is just a small space in your room, the inspiration of the peg board above can be the solution. The peg board can be filled by some accessories such as necklace, earrings, glasses, watch, bracelet, and etc.

11. Pegboard for bathroom stuffs space

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Huge pegboard organizer with blue wooden background and bathroom stuffs space. For making a freshly bathroom looked, you can use blue color for the background. Then, all of the bathroom stuffs such as brush, shampoo, soap, face toner, face cleaner, and etc can be put at this freshly page bord. In addition, you can add some rattan basket under the table as the towel space.

12. Pegboard for dining room

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Huge pegboard organizer with light brown wooden board and colorful metal dining stuffs. In the page board for dining room, you can put some dining stufss like small kettle, bowl, glass, cup, plate, and so on. The image above shows a simple dining room with white wall backgrouund and some colorful dining stuffs.

13. Pegboard for study room

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Huge pegboard with white wooden board and light blue wooden book shelves. An interesting inspiration of study room with this peg board which can be filled by some book shelves. Children can put their books in the book shelves and put the calender as reminder. In addition, there is a cute lamp with the shape of bird cage which hanging on the peg board.

14. Pegboard for candy packs

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Huge pegboard with black metal board and some candy packs. By using simple looked for the place of candy packs, you can use black metal background in the white wall. Moreover, with the colorful packs of candy, it can make freshly athmosphere in your room.

15. Pegboard for stationery stuffs space

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You can make your stationery stuffs space more awesome with the image above. Huge pegboard with white metal board and some colorful stationery stuffs. The peg board for stationery stuffs can be filled by some metal small buckets. The small buckets are used for the place of pencil, pen, marker, highlighter, board marker, and so on. By using white metal background and some colorful bucket, it can make the stationery stuffs more stunning than other stuffs around that.

Thus, 15 awesome pegboard organizer that can inspire you to make your own peg board. Happy trying!



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