17 Uniquely Lamp Designs to Your Room

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If you want to have a beautiful and unique design of lamp, this article will give you some inspirations to decorate your lamp in home. Generally, the shape of lamp in home usually just uses light bulb on the roof. However, you can make it more interesting by using some creative shapes or creative materials. There are some model of lamp designs which you can apply in your home. Check them out on some images below:

1. Creative star string lamp with black wooden cabinet

                  source : www.pouted.com

2. Cool bamboo lamp cover with big light bulb and rattan carpet

                                source : trendspanarna.nu

3. Cool jar glass lamp with black string cable

                                 source : Decoist.com

4. Creative newspaper lamp cover with black string

                  source : www.pouted.com

5. Creative grater lamp cover with wooden buffer and black string

                                 source : FeedPuzzle.com

6. Colorful Moroccan mosaic hanging lamp with black metal string

                                                  source : www.lushome.com

7. Monochrome metal lamp with white wall background

source : notapaperhouse.com

8. Creative cup lamp cover with white string

                                         source : decozilla.com

9. Colorful Lego lamp cover with yellow wall background

                                        source : blog.inviziblebox.com

10. Colorful feathers lamp cover with black metal string

                                source : www.brit.co

11. Moon and star lamp with white roof background

                                                                source : www.storenvy.com

12. Pink rose lamp with glass cover

                                                                        source : pinimg.com

13. Camera buffer lamp with some small photos

                                                             source : www.flickr.com

14. Black and white triange lamp with Batik motif

                                            source : ahomedesigninterior.blogspot.com

15. Piano table lamp cover with light wooden table

                                 source : www.ebay.com

16. Wooden guitar lamp cover with glass bottles

                                      source : www.refabdiaries.com

17. Key lamp cover with light bulb

                                                  source : www.refabdiaries.com

Thus, several images of unique and creative lamp designs. You can try to apply one of the lamp designs.

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