184 Ideas for DIY Floating Shelves You will Love

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Floating shelves are a great way filling empty wall space looked unique and elegant. You can store your collection you have on it and installed in such a way that you never see the bracket at all. Almost all the room with empty wall space can installed floating shelves such as bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc with a modern or traditional design.

Floating shelves will make the room look more straightforward and clean because we eliminate the use of brackets for the support it, more than that you can deduct saving costs for the purchase of floating support brackets. The shelves are installed correctly will look more clean, simple, and can adapt to any style without making the room look too busy.

Floating shelves to show off all your light trinkets are requires a little effort,  for example photos and view books only needed a simple set drywall anchors through the bracket flat wall and a few additional installations for several shelves for large parts of the wall. It depends on how much weight the shelf will hold.

These are some examples floating shelves that can provide inspiration for you to display your collection elegantly and neatly.

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