8 Casual Balcony Designs You Must Look At

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Is there any balcony in your home?

Balcony is a space on upper level which there is bars around it and it is usually placed outside wall of home. Balcony usually becomes one of favorites place in a home. You can spend your leisure time or have chitchat with others in the balcony. In addition, you can see a beautiful view outside your house. Here, you can see some designs of balcony to inspire you to make your own balcony design.

1.Balcony garden design

                                 source : balconygardenweb.com

A beautiful balcony garden with colorful flowers and colorful pots. There are many kinds of flowers in that balcony garden with their beautiful colours. By using white wall background, the arrangement of flower pots become the first attention. Then, there is also black rattan table and chair to enjoy a beautiful scenery outside.

2. Balcony with bookshelves

                                      source : www.lushome.com

You can use your balcony as the place of reading. Then, you can organize an unique design of bookshelves as on the image above. The bookshelves is made from brown wooden racks and metal for its buffer. The background of wall is made from white bricks. Moreover, there is a yellow chair with its back rest. In addition, black and white pattern of ceramic floor looks elegant.

3. Balcony with hanging chair

                                           source : newhomewarereviews.com

A casual small balcony with light brown wooden hanging chair and dark blue pillow. By sitting in the hanging chair, you can fell relax. Moreover, there is a table to put some foods and drinks. While you are sitting in the hanging char, you can enjoy your meals. In addition, there is some rectangular pots for plants.

4. Balcony with synthetic grass floor

                            source : balconygardenweb.com

A synthetic green grass floor can be one of your choices to decorate balcony. You do not need to treat the synthetic grass as original grass which has to be watered everyday. Then, you can fill the empty space above the synthetic grass by putting some flower pots. Moreover, there are brown wooden chair and table to enjoy the scenery outside the house.

5. Balcony with wooden lengthwise chair

                                                      source : thebalconygarden.com.au

You can use brown wooden as the material of balcony chair. By using the lengthwise shape of the chair, it makes the athmosphere more friendly. Then, you can add some pillows as your back rest while sitting in the balcony. There is a circle table to put your stuff.

6. Balcony with pot shelves

                                 source : balconygardenweb.com

You can fill your balcony with the arrangement of pot shelves. You can fill the pot with some plants or flowers. The buffer of the pot shelves is made by brown wooden. It fills with some different colour of pots. Then, you can add small brown wooden chair to see the view under the house. There is metal bars with the colour of white.

7. Balcony with brown wooden wall and floor

                                 source : onekindesign.com

Brown wooden wall and floor can be used in your balcony to make a comfortable ambience. You can also add some pots on the wooden wall. Then, there is a big rattan chair which you can use to sit with your family or others. Moreover, giving some colours in the balcony by using blue pillows. Some pillows can be used as back rest of your body. In addition, there are two candles in glass jar. It can be used as the light in the night.

8. Balcony with hammock

                                 source : www.apartmenttherapy.com

By using a hammock in your balcony, you can sleep on it to make a relaxation to your body and soul. Blue stripe hammock with white pillow and white thin curtain. Those are a good combination of colour in your balcony. Then, there are some lights from hanging ball lamps.

Thus, some inspirations of balcony designs which you can use to make your own balcony. Making some transformations to your balcony by using some inspiration images above. Happy trying!



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