8 Creative Attic Designs in Your House

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In most of houses there is an attic which unused. It becomes an empty space in your house. However, an unused attic can be utilized as an useful room.

How to utilize attic as a creative room? You can design your favorite room in the attic.

What are the design of attic? Here, you can see 8 creative attic designs which you can apply in your house. Check them out :

1. Attic as a playground

                                source : instagram.com

A creative attic design with playground for kids and stripes small tent. The background of the attic room is white, so you can fill the attic with many colorful stuffs. As on the image above, there are small grey sofa, some colorful pillows, stripe small tent, white fur mat, bee toy, black hanging lamp, some kid toys, and so on.

2. Attic as a relaxing room

                                            source : instagram.com

In the inspiration image above, you can make your attic become a relaxing room. A creative attic design with white soft sofa and rattan hanging chair. You can relax yourself in this room by sitting in the hanging chair. There is a natural lighting from the attic windows. Then, you can add small plant to make a good air circulation.

3. Attic for study room

                                    source : unskinnyboppy.com

Don’t you know that an unused attic can be a creative study room? You can make your creative study room by using the inspiration image above. White wall background, white wooden rooftop, and whiten wooden cabinet can reedem you to fill the room with any stuffs. Then, dark brown wooden material can be used as the floor. Moreover, there is a black chair which you can use to study. In addition, there is a black hanging lamp to give a light in the room.

4. Attic as a bathroom

                                                   source : rilane.com

A creative attic design for bathroom can be one of your choices to design the attic. There are white glossy sink, white glossy closet, dark red towel, bathroom glass door, grey metal shower, and grey metal wall lamp. The background of the wall is white. Then, the floor is filled by ceramic mozaic pattern.

5. Attic for bedroom

                                         source : pinimg.com

A creative attic design for bedroom with white bedsheet and white vintage hanging chair. You can use light brown wooden material as the floor. It can make the atmosphere in the bedroom become more comfortable. There is a window with some holes and yellow wooden frame. Then, white wooden material for the rooftop.

6. Attic as a reading room

                                                               source : domino.com

You can utilize your unused attic as a reading room. A creative attic design with white wooden bookshelves and grey fabric carpet. You can use the empty space on the wall as the bookshelves. Moreover, you can put your other stufss in the racks. The grey fabric carpet can be used as the place of seating.

7. Attic for wardrobe space

                                                source domino.com

A creative attic design for wardrobe space with white wooden racks and small black chair. In this wardrobe space you can put your wardrobe stuffs, such as clothes, towel, bag, t-shirt, scarf, perfume, jewelry, necklace, bracelet and so on. Then you can add some accessories such as white glass vase with white rose and small picture on the wall.

8. Attic for hangout place

                                                   source : www.beautifullynutty.com

You can make a cozy place to hangout in an attic. The image above can be your inspiration to make hangout place. A creative attic design for hangout place with grey bedsheet and some colorful pillows. Dark brown wooden material as the wall, rooftop, and floor. Moreover, there are some fur mats for seating place on the floor. Then, there are some small lamps which hanging on the rooftop.

Thus, 8 creative attic designs which you can apply to decorate your attic room. Enjoying the creative attic design and try it!


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