10 Table Ideas for Study Room

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It is very cozy if you have a study room in your home. It just needs how to make it more cozy with the design, especially table design. Here, we want to share some images which can be your reference to design the table. Your study room will be more interesting by applying a beautiful design of the table.  Check them out below :

1. Study room with floating white wooden table

                                                              source : indulgy.com

2. Study room with small brown wooden table

                                                                                                           source : www.plumo.com

3. Study room with double green wooden table

                                                             source : WordPress.com

4. Study room with glass base and colorful pattern

                                                                                   source : linenandthread.com

5. Study room with floating wooden table and double drawers

                                                                   source : imgur.com

6. Study room with classic wooden table and single drawer

                                                              source : www.potterybarn.com

7. Study room with classic circle wooden table

                                                                                   source : www.houzz.com

8. Study room with white wooden table and silver metal buffer

                                                                                                          source : nurserynotations.com

9. Study room with a half of circle shape blue table

                                                                                source : camillestyles.com


10. Study room with floating wooden table on the corner

                                                              source : homemajestic.com

So, you can apply one or some of those table designs. You can imitate the design or you can make your own. If you apply your favorite design, thus you can be more enjoy with your study room.

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