10 Chic Curtain Ideas for Living Room

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Living room is one of the important places in your home. If there is a guest comes to your home, the guest will look for the living room firstly. It can give a good or bad impression about your home by looking the living room. Then, to make your living room to be more beautiful, you can design the curtain. Moreover, there are some images below which can be your reference to design your living room curtain. Check them out :

1. Living room with rainbow stripe curtain

                                 source : www.harlequin.uk.com

2. Living room with light pink curtain

                                         source : notmybeautifulhome.tumblr.com

3. Living room with vintage floral motif curtain

                                                              source : flickr.com

4. Living room with blue straight curtain

                                 source : domainehome.com

5. Living room with red transparent curtain

                                source : ethnicindianhome.blogspot.com

6. Living room with red rose and polkadot motif curtain

                                            source : homedecoratingideas4all.com

7. Living room with ethnic motif curtain

                                source : domainehome.com

8. Living room with vintage motif curtain

                                 source : chiccoles.com

9. Living room with feminine floral curtain

                                  source : awesomehomepins.com

10. Living room with blue and pink plaid curtain

                                     source : Homedit.com

The last, those are some inspirations of living room curtain. We hope that those image inspirations can help you to decorate your living room curtain. Moreover, you can make your own design of curtain for your living room. Happy decorating!

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